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About Peel Prometheus Group
Peel Prometheus Group (PPG) is a federally registered non-for-profit organization.

Vision: To be a technical support centre to serve all NPOs in Peel so that these NPOs will no longer struggle with their IT needs.

Mission: To deliver high quality of IT solutions to NPOs, on time and within the budget; to provide IT training to newcomers and youth.

PPG is a unique NPO, it's a social enterprise.
PPG helps NPOs by providing them services including IT assessment, IT strategic planning, IT development.
PPG will help these NPOs in their funding application for IT improvement.
PPG will try to recruit, project permitting, newcomers (internationally trained professionals) and youth to get paid to get the Canadian experience, so that they will have a better chance to land a job in IT field.
PPG will provide IT training to newcomers and youth who are interested in landing a job in the IT field, ideally in collaboration with mainstream employment service agencies.
PPG will use its profit, along with the support from funders/government, to provide IT training for newcomers and youth who are interested in IT.

The business model of PPG creates multiple wins for all involved parties: NPOs get their IT infrastructure improved and up to date; newcomers and youth get opportunities of IT training and experience, thus better chance to land a good paid IT job; the profit generated from these projects will help to create better IT training resources.

The board of PPG have been working really hard to make all this happen. They are the right people doing the right thing to help the communities at the right time.

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Contact Information:
Gary Gu,
President & CEO
Phone: (647) 519-6068
Email: gary.gu@peelpg.com